How does Sunny Leon compare ‘Jism 2’ with her Career in Bollywood!

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

sunny leon

Sunny Leon thinks ‘Jism 2′ really worked for her.

The porn star-turned B-town actress Sunny Leon these days is much busy doing the shootouts of her upcoming flick ‘Ragini MMS 2’. But, she has not forgotten the favor Pooja Bhatt has done to her after introducing her in ‘jism 2’. Might not the movie blast the box office as per expectations, but it’s obvious that Sunny has become able to make a place for her in the B-town with this debut movie of her. No wonder if we say, Pooja might get the credit for introducing one more starlet in the B-town soon.

Of course she is a starlet, but in a different genre. But what leap the babe has given from the tag of an adult star to a B-town actress, is really adorable. And what makes us conjecture that she is soon to become a B-town starlet, is the attention that she grabs on her visit to a place. Last Sunday only saw the immense popularity of the sexy lass, as she reached Lucknow on a professional engagement and you must have got amazed to see her reputation if present on the spot that day! The way the paparazzi encircled her to take a snap was really the most startling know-how.

However! Talking to reporters there Sunny forgot not to mention the favor that Pooja’s hot venture Jism 2 has done to her. An ecstatic Sunny started elaborating in her style, “Who says Jism 2 did not work?” she questioned with a grin, adding, “I think it was the best thing that happened to me. The film has given me a fabulous start in Bollywood, and I’m not complaining. In the days to come I hope to do much more work here.”

She even mentioned how Bollywood has become more generous to her than Hollywood, where she has already tried her luck a couple of times. But, she confesses to have not got any exposure there. However, she loves Bollywood with pile of projects in her plate and we hope, the Bollywooders have also started loving her. Right friends?

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