Hot Sunny gets steamy with Arunoday Singh.

On Saturday, June 23rd, 2012


Sunny Leon gets steamy with Arunoday Singh.

Now it’s the turn of Arunodaya Singh to get steamy with the hot babe Sunny Leon. After making some sensuous bed scenes with Randeep Hooda, the Indo-Canadian porn star did an awfully steamy scene with her second co-star Arunoday Singh in ‘Jism 2’. Of late, the makers of ‘Jism 2’ unconfined a hot picture of the duo and seeing the picture above you can judge how hot they really look!

A close look at the picture will undoubtedly make you feel the pairing awesome, exactly like that of Randeep and Sunny we had seen before. Clad in an imp red hot outfit, Sunny is being caressed by a topless Arunoday in the picture. Jism 2 is a love triangle in which Sunny Leone plays the character of a seductress called Izna. Randeep Hooda plays the role of Kabir, who can be portrayed as the protagonist, and Arunoday Singh plays the part of Ayaan, who can be depicted as the fortune-hunter.

Talking about her character in the movie Sunny recently told reporters, “There are a lot of aspects in me that are similar to the character I’m portraying on screen. She is a very complex person with different shades. I don’t think that the character is someone that reflects my current life at this time, but there are a lot of situations in the film that are similar to my past. There is a huge sense of loss this character goes through, and I believe that most women and men have gone through this whether in relationships or family. My character is trying to find her way, the right way, but goes through a lot in her mind to figure it out.”

After release of the hot picture of Arunoday and Sunny, much more interest has cuddled up among the youngsters for the movie. Even Arunoday himself was found appreciating Sunny a lot. As per his words, Sunny is a very beautiful and professional gal. He told that he never judges anyone from the person’s past activities and same in the case of Sunny too. “She may be a porn star but ‘Jism 2′ is not a porn film. People should keep that in mind,” he said.

Directed by Pooja Bhatt, the movie is intended to release on 3rd August. Its last schedule was bundled up in Sri Lanka recently and the Bhatts have also appositely exercised the images of the movie for public anticipation.

Anyway, but what fascinates us the most is the image looks extremely seductive and we have also started envisaging about the rest run! But what about you friendz..?

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