What Makes Sunny Deol Say Complete No to Sunny Leon?

On Friday, November 23rd, 2012

sunny deol

Sunny Deol denies makers of ‘Singh Saheb The Great’ to cast Sunny Leon in the movie!

Of late, we have come to hear that B-town actor Sunny Deol said complete no to the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon. While, many B-town lead director are showing their keenness to cast the babe, who gathered accolades post success of her Bollywood debut ‘Jism 2’, the absolute denial of Sunny to lady Leon has made everyone astonished.

As per the reports, makers of Deol’s upcoming flick ‘Singh Saheb The Great’ were setting up to cast Sunny Leone for an item number in the movie, which was harshly denied by the actor . Then question arises, why did he deny? Sources say that prime reason behind this denial is Deol’s dissatisfaction of Sunny’s name being attached to him in jokes.

Considering, the jokes might have any adverse impact on the movie, Deol denied the makers to cast Sunny and search for anyone else. Also he insisted them to keep her for any of any of their other projects that they plan devoid of him.

Making the issue evident, revealed a source, “Seems Sunny paaji spoke about the jokes to director Anil Sharma in a very disapproving manner, clearly indicating that he didn’t want Sunny Leone to be associated with his film. He was worried that a new series of Deol-Leone jokes would give his movie negative publicity that they didn’t want.”

Hmm! We know the actor for his hard-hearted personality and here we got to see one fulsome instance of this. So, it’s to be seen now who else is going to be replaced with the hot gal! Any guess?

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