Suniel Shetty’s daughter is geared up to make her Bollywood debut!

On Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


Athiya Shetty to make her Bollywood debut!

It has become a trend in the Bollywood that the star Childs opt for a career, counterpart to their parents and something such is also witnessed in the case of Athiya Shetty, the darling daughter of Bollywood Macho man Sunil Shetty. Having completed a course in film-making and liberal arts at the New York Film Academy, Athaya only just made her homecoming and she has come back with a same hallucination that her father might have dreamt of years back!

The father is quite supportive for his daughter and no way wants to discard her wishes. Though nothing have properly been made clear from the Thank You actor, still he is supposed to be eventful in talk with some of the leading and eminent producers and insiders of the B-Town to give his daughter a break and how can the efforts of a leading actor like him go in vain! Both Sunil Shetty and his wife Mana Shetty are too optimistic about their daughter’s decision and this will of course prove as an added advantage to take her career ahead.

Athiya is just 18 now and is also having a brother namely Aahan.  Buzz about Athiya’s Bollywood debut took shape when Suniel was spotted taking with Ranbir. Anyways, the dear dad is too much supportive for his daughter and ensures that he prioritizes his daughter’s wish. In this drift, Athiya must be much stirring for getting absolute support from her parents and simultaneously Sunil must be pretty glad, being his daughter keen in stepping into his shoes.

The list is not petite, as recent past has seen many star Childs making their Bollywood debut and all not with a set success! In such circumstances, if Athiya in such a tender age can face the stubborn and stiff antagonism to make her place in Bollywood is really a matter of consideration. Yet, we do wish her all the best!

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