Sumona Chakravarti likes Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘chilled out’ attitude

On Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


Sumona Chakravarti names Ranbir a chilled out guy.

Sumona Chakravarti, the name is not alien to the B-town horizon and is most prominently a household name as Natasha Kapoor in the popular TV run Bade Acche Lagte Hain. But, now she comes under contemplation with a different name and mottled appearance, as she is about to be seen with a cameo in the Ranbir Kapoor – Ileana starrer movie ‘Barfi’. The babe is much belligerent in expressing her know-how with Ranbir during the shoot of Barfi and she seems not to have got much impressed with the chocolate look of the hunk, rather with his chilled out approach.

Narrating about her character and her experience with the Kapoor son, Sumona said, “I play Ileana’s friend in the movie. It’s a small, cute little part, but I have shared screen space with both RK (Ranbir) and Ileana. It was fantastic to work with Ranbir, he never made me feel as though I was someone he didn’t know. He was at ease interacting with everyone, which was great.”

The 24-year-old actress told that she was no way star struck while sharing the frame with Ranbir. She further added, “Actually, I am a person who is not star struck by any actor. If anyone asks me, ‘Who is your favourite male star?’, I usually have nothing to say! So it was the same with RK. He is a chilled out guy, very regular and very normal in attitude. We used to chit chat on the sets and have tea while shooting in Darjeeling… it was a good atmosphere.”

All the credit for her present role, she gives to ‘Dada’ aka Anurag Basu, director of ‘Barfi’. She calls him Dada and seemed not to have quite chaotic about this got opportunity of her. She said, “It’s not my big Bollywood launch! Everybody is suddenly talking about my presence in the film. But I never wanted to talk about it. I just did the film for dada. I didn’t even know I was going to be a part of the trailer. It’s been a big bonus.”

Anyways, this is the not the first movie of her in the big screen. As stated by her, she has before also featured in the Amir Khan starrer Mann (1999) and presently looking forward for more big screen projects, especially for ‘character-driven’ films. Confirming her vision she said, “I certainly want to be a part of good cinema, and language is no barrier for me. I would love to do a Bengali film with Aparna Sen or Rituparno Ghosh. But good, character-driven cinema is what I am looking at. It’s very interesting to see the kind of new age cinema that’s prevalent today, and I am more inclined towards that.”

Superb Sumona! We just appreciate her outlook. When most of the B-town actresses die for the handsome hunk RK, she just prioritizes on his chilled out attitude. We hope, this mind-set of her will take her ahead in her quest for good ‘character-driven’ projects!

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