Such a Demanding Kapoor He is!

On Saturday, December 8th, 2012

anil kapoor

Anil Kapoor in too much demand.

You must be thinking, which Kapoor we do talk of! Some might think it’s the B-town busy bee Kareena, being she the most demanding lady in industry these days with many successful movies. Some might take the leap to Ranvir, the most promising actor in the tinsel town. It’s justified of him being demanding. There is very little chance of Saheed being that demanding, still some might think so. But things never go our way my friends, as the answer is completely different from our guess.

Then you must wonder who is he! He is none other than the famous Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. We know it’s hard to believe, yet you have to. And here we do mention what demands did the actor make in fact. why he is so popular. Of late, the actor was invited to Dubai  to attain an award ceremony in Dubai. However, Anil had to turn down the offer to play a special agent in the Indian adaptation of American series 24.

By the way, Anil had confirmed the deal earlier with a list of demands, which included first class to and fro tickets in a reputed airlines for journey of Dubai. Apart, Anil demanded rooms for him and his assistant in the same floor, those have to be interconnected. He wanted his suites to be of president’s class. Anil too demanded security guards, luxury cars etc in his list, according to a source.

Are you taken aback? The sponsors might have reacted like this. Obviously, they decided to stay away from Anil and his demand. As per the source, the sponsors wrote back to Anil grieving not able to finance him, but simultaneously went so frantic to mention that his demands were too heavy for them to carry out.

By the way, the event has finally been completed. More interestingly, it was another Kapoor who filled up the blanks. Guess who is she? It’s Karishma Kapoor. The best part was that, she had no such big fat demands for the sponsors.

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