Sridevi mania makes fan book whole theater for her upcoming flick!

On Saturday, September 15th, 2012


Sreedevi’s fan books whole theater for watching ‘English Vinglish’!

It’s genuine to say that once a time the actress was dominating the whole Bollywood platform as the numero-uno starlet and hardly had there any comparison of other B-town actresses with her. But we got surprised to see the obsession still exiting among her fans and you will be surprised to know that one of her dead-end fans Rajan Naidu have booked a whole theatre for private screening of her upcoming movie ‘English Vinglish’ even much before the movie movie releases! We hope you must have assumed by now who do we speak of! Yes, you guessed right. She is none other than the beloved to all and chulbuli actress of Bollywood, Sreedevi. Now we can envisage the mania created for  English Vinglish and sole credit goes to the cool actress

As per the reports, Rajan who is a resident of Andheri East, has of late booked the whole Maxus theatre situated in his locale for the 7.30 pm show. Though booking for the movie has yet not started and it’s to get started from early October, but this activity of the fan has left many dumbstruck. The theatre has a capacity of 290 seats and Naidu has already given Rs. 5000 in advance. Perhaps, it has so happened for the first time ever in the history of Indian films to witness so much obsession for any Indian actress.

When Naidu has booked the theater only to watch the movie with his near and dear ones, at the same time he has also invited all other Sridevi fans through his social networking and micro-blogging sites to gather at the spot and watch the comeback of her favorite actress after a long lapse of 15 years. Even many of his friends have given their consent to assemble there that day. Then, of course it’s going to be a huge friend and family gathering there that day. Of course, it’s no less than any family bash! Right guys?

So let’s wait and watch the effect of the new history the actress going to engrave in the Bollywood fame script! And we are getting obsessed to see how Sreedevi reacts on such activity of her dead-end fan!

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