Sonakshi Sinha to make Homecoming!

On Saturday, November 10th, 2012

sonakshi sinha

Sonakshi Sinha to fulfill her promise!

It’s really wondering to hear that B-town actress Sonakshi Sina is geared up to make her homecoming. That might arise a question in your mind, ‘Is the babe out of station now?’ Not exactly! In fact, the charming gal of the Tinsel town is gearing up to visit her hometown Patna, being she has not been to there for many years. As per the reports, she is visiting there the following Saturday.

Sonaskhi was a frequent visitor to the place, while her daadi (Shatruji’s mother) was alive. But, after her death she has never been to there and these days she even finds not bit time to go there, for she has become one of the busiest actresses of the industry these days. Though she has made promises several times to the people of Patna to go there, but has failed to keep her promise and that’s what made the inhabitants sad there.

However, when Sonakshi is ready to visit the place now, but reportedly they (the people of Patna) are also not  happy. But why? ‘Coz Sonaskhi is going there only for few hours and that only for the promotion of her upcoming film, ‘Son Of Sardaar’. That’s what makes the citizens of Patna worried. Reporting about the grief of the Patna people, a source said, “She is coming in and going out within hours, and that too only to promote her new film Son Of Sardaar. Hardly a sign of a Bihari beti coming home.”

But, Sonakshi’s mother Punam Sinha went hard on the issue protecting her dear beti and said, “Sonakshi is very very busy. She hardly has time to get proper sleep these days. She’s been promoting Son Of Sardaar in innumerable cities. People should understand her situation.”

We understand, she is too right on her words. Yet, being the native of their place, the people of Patna also have some right on Sonakshi no! So, isn’t it fair that they must show their rights on her? What you think guys?

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