Sonakshi Sinha says a strict no-no to Bikini.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012


Sonakshi Sinha says a big no no to bikini!

Sonakshi Sinha was well accepted by the audience with her desi incarnation in her Bollywood debut “Dabang” and she asserts to have been quiet contented with such attires. She even made it confirmed that no way she is going to do a bikini as she is not that type of person.

“It`s a complete no-no to bikini because I am not that kind of a person. I have been bought up in a certain way. I have certain restrictions that I follow and I don`t see any reason to change it because if the audience has accepted me fully clothed, then why would I resort to it?” said Sonakshi.

The actress has always been in talks for not having a zero size and she gladly accepts it telling that she is quite happy with her physic and is no way ready to be a bikini girl, as she is not comfy wearing the two piece. Can you imagine! When all most all actresses of the B-town just go crazy about doing a two piece for multi-causes, the Chikini Kamar girl is no way a part of the craze.

As per her views, “I am a normal Indian girl who wears jeans and T shirts normally. Born and brought up in Mumbai, so I am used to wearing clothes like that”. But we hope, that’s a limit in apparel for the desi beauty!

Sonakshi has been well accepted by the audience and she has now bagged an array of films like “Rowdy Rathore”, “Joker”, Once Upon a Time Again”, “Dabang 2”, “Son of Sardar”, and “Lootera” in her hands for release.  Sonakshi will appear in desi as well as in modern attires in all these films.

Sonakshi is quite appreciative to Vidya Balan for her far-fetched performance in ‘The Dirty Picture’, but is a bit hesitating about doing an absolute bold film like her, crossing the limits of the restrictions confined for her.

“It was a great film and Vidya’s performance was fantastic. I respect her so much as an actress after that film, but it takes guts to do something like that. I don’t think I will be able to pull it off with the restrictions that I have,” added Sonakshi.

Anyways, time will say how long Sonakshi keeps herself intact with her decision not to wear a bikini! But for now, we are eagerly on wait to watch the Dabang girl in her upcoming movie “Rowdy Rathore”. But what about you friendz?

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