Don’t Soha having any info about Saifeena wedding schedule?

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Soha Ali Khan knows nothing about Saif and Kareena’s wedding plans!

It’s only the day before that we informed you about the most awaited nuptials of Bollywood, the Saif-Kareena wedding which is expected to be held on this October 17. But, we got flabbergasted when came to know that Saif’s dear sis Soha knows nothing about the marriage schedules! And that made us wonder how so! Soha is perhaps the one in the Pataudi family, who supports the marriage the most and how can she remain naive about such an important family occasion!

But upon query, we were confirmed that it’s a truth ‘coz Soha herself confirmed the issue. Talking to the reporters, the actress said that she wants to sit with brother Saif and her would be bhavi Kareena and discuss about the exact wedding plans. She also confessed that things go on changing every moment and hence she gets not the exact clue. “Things keep changing every minute. My brother and Kareena are just back from England and plans are now being finalized,” she said.

On the other hand, Soha has already been instructed to keep some outfits ready for the nuptials, but she has left the whole responsibility on her mother. Giving slight hints about the marriage strategy she said, “The reception is being planned for October 18 so I guess all the other events will happen one by one around that week.” Talking about the designing plans of the wedding outfits of Kareena, she uttered that she knows not exactly who is going to design the outfits, but what she has heard, perhaps Manish Malhotra would be designing the same.

But it’s obvious that the actress is quite happy that Kareena is going to be a member of the Pataudi family and hence conveys her happiness saying, “I share a good equation with Kareena. I respect the fact that her priorities are very clear. She makes my brother the centre of her world even as she stays focussed on her career.”

well, we wish the couple an advance happy married life and at the same time wish Soha a good after marriage relationship with Bebo!

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