What happened to Soha Ali Khan at the sets of Chaarfutiya Chhokre!

On Saturday, August 11th, 2012


Soha Ali Khan was manhandled!

These days, the Pataudi girl Soha Ali Khan is busy shooting her upcoming movie Chaarfutiya Chhokre and of late we came to know that the babe was manhandle at the sets. This incident happened to her while shooting for an appalling scene of the movie and reportedly Soha didn’t permit any cameraman to remain in the sets during the manhandling.  

Then you might think did all this happen to Soha with her consent? Yes, of course! Rather it was a brutal scene of the movie and because she felt uncomfortable in front of the cameramen to go for the shot, hence she had to drive them out of there. Says a source, “Usually there’s a photographer present on the sets clicking pictures for continuity’s sake. But we had to do away with them for this particular scene.”

As demanded the scene, the villain Zakir Hussain had to tear her shirt apart in a horror-struck way fully exposing her body. Added the source further, “In the scene, Soha is thrown in front of Zakir who starts to beat her and humiliate her and in the process has to tear off her shirt completely. She felt uncomfortable doing the scene in the presence of the photographers. But once they were off the sets, Soha, like a thorough professional, played the victim and allowed the villains to be their most evil selves.”

This was a vital part of the movie and Soha was manhandled, hard-pressed and in the haggle ended up with severe injury. Yet, she didn’t agree to take a duplicate and continued shooting in the same condition. She also got red patches and marks on her arms and back due to the manhandling. “There were places she was badly wounded too and had to be given medical aid,” said the source.

However, despite of all these difficulties she managed well to give the shot and that shows her dedication and professionalism. Don’t you think so guys?

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