Soha Ali Khan exposes herself so hot in the cover page of FHM

On Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


Soha Ali Khan strips for FHM cover!

The Nawabi sister of the all time Nawab brother (Saif Ali Khan) seems to be so frantic to look hot and sizzling  these days and hence she lodged herself as one, in the directory of the hot babes that pose for the cover page of the all time branded men’s magazine FHM. Yes, we got aware of the verity when came out the latest (June) edition of the FHM magazine. Apart, the cover motto of the magazine snarls “In a shoot so hot, it will send Saif into orbit’. What the hell! What does this signify?

Is it a poke directly thrown at the Nawab brother? We can best imagine the response of the Nawab brother for her darling sis on such daring act of her. It’s not the first time that Soha has dared to do something like this. Before also we had seen her stripping in the sumptuous lingerie once to be the Maxim hottie. That time, this act of her heaved the eyebrows of many and media reported around that the Big bro was quite unhappy with such audacious act of her sister. Then it’s obvious that one more time the big bro has a top reason to get upset.


Soha Ali Khan posing for FHM magazine.

Anyways, this time the stylist and sensuous photo shoot of Soha is fairly apparent to impose you arise impish thoughts in your dreams. And why not be? After all, she looks so searing and sexy with her apparels i.e. a grey silvery halter-neck bra, paired with hot stonewash boxers. The glossy gloves and the black shrug give the collection a jittery touch. The actor’s killer messy mane falls freely over her slim shoulders. What’s more you need to get wild in your thoughts guys?

However, the naughty look in Soha’s eyes miss the requisite vigor and hence many a critics comment that she is trying too hard to look hot. But, for her fans, the cover is no less than a bombshell gift from her and of course they would look for more in the near future.

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