Singing was a surprise for Ayushmann Khurrana!

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Ayushmann Khurrana had never thought of becoming a singer!

Ayushmann Khurrana, the Indian television anchor made his Bollywood debut with John Abraham’s romantic comedy film Vicky Donor and gathered rave reviews for his notable act in the movie. Of course, his act was fantastic in the film and hence he became a popular name in the industry. But, do you know what other skills of the actor made him popular in the industry? Of course, it was his genius in singing.  

The actor got an opportunity to sing the song Pani da rang in the movie and that brought him huge appreciation too! But to our uetter dismay, the actor expressed his surprise at the Global Indian Music Academy awards for turning a singer. Uttering his dismay, he said, “It’s quite a surprise. I came to Bombay to become an actor but became a singer as well. That is a big surprise.”

When asked if he is interested to make an album following the sensation of “Paani da rang,” the actor simply denied and said non-film music works not that much in India and hence there is no such planning. Revealing the success of non-film songs he said, “Such songs worked in the 90s when Lucky Ali and other singers like Alisha Chinoy sang”. But, now only film songs work and hence he will only sing for films.

The actor currently is busy shooting his upcoming flicks Hamara Bajaj and Nautanki Saala, for which he is expected to give his voice again. Well, we like this multiple talent in the singer and hence wish him all the best!

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