Shilpa Shetty with baby Viaan Raj Kundra pic exposed!

On Friday, July 13th, 2012


Shilpa Shetty with niece Shyana.

Hey guys? What you think of the snap given above? You take it to be the baby doll of the B-town actress Shilpa Shetty, right? But really it’s not! Because all have always a craze to have the first glimpse of the B-town babies, so anyone might take it as Shilpa with her darling beta Vian Raj Kundra. Buzz is moving around the B-town regarding this pic and we for sometimes too took it the same, what you initially might have thought of after seeing the photograph.  

But soon, all our imaginations gone astray, when we saw the twit of the dear mom (Shilpa) on her microblogging site a propos this photograph. She twitted, “There is a picture doing the rounds, claiming it’s my son and I. Just want 2 say thats a picture of my niece Shyana and me taken a year back.” Oh shit! Now we realized what form human imagination might take!

Anyways, now it’s clear that the pic is not of baby K. But it’s yet to be seen, when Mrs. Kundra reveals the snap of her dear son Vian, so that thousand eyes will get aloof from the quest. Or, it’s so that she is also determined like the Bachchan Bahu not to expose her baby’s glance! Time will be a great retort to this, we hope.

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