‘Sher Khan’ to Use a Computer Generated Tiger!

On Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

sher khan

Salman Khan to share screen space with a tiger in ‘Sher Khan’!

Lots of buzz is already there in the industry concerning B-town superstar Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Sher Khan’ and we have also told you earlier that the movie is going to be a two-hero project, one a real life tiger and the other an animal tiger. But, of late some negative remarks from considerable sources have made us conjecture our declaration once more!  

You might think what remarks! In fact, we have come to hear from trusted sources that Salman’s ‘Sher Khan’ is going to use a computer-generated tiger for the other leading cast of the movie and that’s what we think must distress all Salman Khan fans. And we hope, a computer generated tiger can never be apt for a real life tiger like Salman. Said right na?

Confirming the info, the source said, “With the Animal Welfare Board breathing down their necks there is no question of a real tiger being used. Besides the Sher Khan unit has to be careful of Salman’s neurological condition. Any stress can trigger it off. They aren’t taking any chances.”

However, Salman’s bro Sohail abandons the issue saying, that it’s all buzz and no truth is behind the speculations. He too assures that he will condemn all rumors once he reaches India and starts the shooting. “Once I start shooting in January all the rumours and speculation will die down. I am out of the country, so I’ve no idea about what’s being written about my film. Even if I am in India I am too busy with pre-production to pay attention to rumours.”

Besides, he confirms that there will be definitely two tigers, one the human tiger Salman and the other an animal tiger. So, it’s to be seen now, what exactly is going to happen! If the hunk (Salman) really share screen space with a real Bengal tiger as per his demand or he has to manage with an artificial one! Time will be a great answer.

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