Sangeeta Bijlani spotted with ex Boyfriend Salman Khan’s family!

On Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Sangeeta Bijlani bonds with Salman Khan's family!

A decade back relationship has made a retort and rumor travels around that Sangeeta Bijlani, Salu Bhai’s ex is making a bond with his family! The evidence of the reality was embedded only just, when Salman Khan was spotted with his prior darling girlfriend Sangeeta at the special screening of “Avengers” in Mumbai. But what most wonders is the lady’s attachment not only with Salman, but with his entire family and we can’t stop asking here, what’s brewing between the two?

A decade since, Salman and Sanjeeta were well attached in love affairs, but their relation could not stand the test of time for reasons unknown or better known to them only. Later, Sangeeta got married to the former Indian Captain Mohammad Azharuddin and the love affair was almost barred. However, both were still bonded in a relation of friendship. Years back the Sangeeta – Ajhar relationship is reported to have suffered a marital discord and we suppose if it is not an attempt of the lady to get solace in the company of her ex beau Salman! And if it’s really so, then Kat have lots of reasons to bother.

Though there is nix chance of Salman and Sangeeta getting coupled any more, but they have always a good time with each other and have sustained a very affable rapport. So, she might aspire for the shoulder of her buddy in such a bad time of her. Apart, she frequently calls on Salman’s family and allocates good relationship with his parents and all other members of the family, including the Bollywood brat’s beloved sisters Alvira and Arpita. And that’s why, perhaps she is so keenly invited in all his family occasions.

Anyways, time will say what’s the bona-fide truth brewing behind the scene. But for now, hats up to Sallu Bhai for having such a great and kind heart!

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