What made Salman stay away from the Deccan Chargers’ auction!

On Friday, September 14th, 2012


Salman Khan not interested for any IPL team!

A couple of days ago, we had let you informed that the Dabangg Khan might be the proud owner of the IPL franchise Deccan Chargers! But to the utter dismay of his fans, Salu Miya did show no interest in the auction and to your great surprise the Debt-ridden Deccan Chargers remained unsold in the auction held the previous day even after a voluptuous bid of Rs. 900 crore rupees, owing the cause that the price and terms were inapt.

In this development, while future of the careworn franchise (DC) has undergone vacillation we are in doubt that what exactly kept Salman away from partaking in the auction! In fact, he had made it clear beforehand through his twitter page that he is not interested for any IPL team. “No IPL team for me jst being human n movies,” he did twit that for some time made us think that he might be just poking a fun. But later it came true.

Yet the doubts whirl in our mind that why the hunk took such decision? Is it so that he wants not to invest his hard-earned money in a beleaguered IPL franchise like DC or  that he just wants to remain intact in the decision he had taken to bury all enmity with King Khan? Or does he never want to be a part of the cricket world like any other superstars of the B-town?

Reason can be any! But we fail to end up with any definite one. Do you have any guys? Can you give us one?

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