Salman Khan undergoes some serious health problems.

On Friday, June 22nd, 2012


Salman Khan undergoes serious health issues.

Before, we had come across the news that the “Ek Tha Tiger” actor is busy managing with choreography and narration and now story is heard differently that the actor undergoes some serious health issues! The news can’t be a just buzz because Salman Khan himself has revealed the fact.

While talking to the reporters in an interview he told, “I’m not supposed to bend, do somersaults or undergo fluctuations in blood pressure. I’m not supposed to exert to the extent that I start panting. Above all, I’m not supposed to indulge in any action where my head is lower than my body. But I am doing stuff that I’m not supposed to and that’s the story of my life”. What does that mean? We expect, definitely he is in some sort of deep anguish and yet is not free from the whole lot projects in hand.

All his while, the Dabang Khan is quite hectic with his streamlined schedule and no way he has ever wanted to get rid of those. That’s called the spirit! We just can’t stop appreciating the hero, who is so dedicated and devoted to his work! Bravo Salman! Hats up to you! But simultaneously, he needs to take care of his health, because his fans can hardly see Salu Bhai undergoing such mental distress and exertion.

At the outset, we wish an early recovery for our beloved superstar. And what about you guys?

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