Salman Khan says Complete No to Smoking and Drinking!

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

salman khan

Salman Khan quits smoking and drinking!

B-town superstar Salman Khan is well-known in the industry for his rugged attitude and aptitudes that are hardly found in other superstars of the industry. But it’s obvious that lack of drinking and smoking never makes a complete Salman Khan. And the truth is  hardcore . But, of late we have come to hear that the B-town actor has quit drinking and smoking absolutely! Do you believe this?

You might not! But, it’s a truth. ‘Coz the actor is seldom suffering from jaw pain even after undergoing treatment for his nerve ailment the previous year, hence he has taken this decision. And reports say that Salman has become much more health conscious than before and that’s why he has said complete no to alcohol and cigarettes.

Giving hints about Salman’s determination on the issue, a source said, “Though his surgery for the nerve ailment went well, the pain in the jaw keeps troubling him. Since he’s taking medicines for that, he’s decided to stop drinking altogether. Besides, he’s not smoking either.”

And what information we have got, the nerve problem tenses the actor the most and hence he has taken this decision. Giving slight hints about her consciousness of health, the source further added, “When Salman was shooting for his TV show in Lonavla and film in Satara, his sister Alvira would ensure that home-made food was sent for him to the locations.”

Apart, he also these days allows not anyone to smoke around him and anyone who lights up in front him, he just snaps at him. So, wethinks, he is going to be the second determined guy in Bollywood to quit smoking after Ranbir Kapoor, but with a step ahead!

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