Does Salman Khan know what’s wrong with Bollywood?

On Saturday, July 7th, 2012


Salman Khan knows what’s wrong with Bollywood!

Does Salman Khan really know what’s go wrong with Bollywood! It’s real, or Salman is only giving vent to the work dome of the B-town? We hope the superstar is on thought to try his luck in Hollywood! Get a proper idea below.

The episode took place at an event organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), where Salman exposed his compassion and stepped not back to articulate what’s so archetypal about the Bollywood film industry. You might ask, why started all these discussions? Very simple! All these started with a single question asked by someone among the crowd: ‘Why won’t Salman try his luck in Hollywood?’

Sallu Mian was very honest to answer the question. As said by him, the Bollywood industry is fully inclined to go overboard in matters of heart. “We just go on emotions and heart. We overdo anything,” he said. And to make the point homewards, he just passed on a dialogue from My Name Is Khan, after paraphrasing his adversary Shahrukh Khan‘s words that says, “I mean my name is actually Khan and I actually am not a terrorist.” Oh my God! I hope you can guess what Salu mian might have traversed in this!

Anyways, the Dabangg Khan made it clear that he won’t think about the initiative of stepping into Hollywood. And there is also a cause why he won’t! In fact, he is pessimistic about his would-be success in the West. Further, he continued the talk in a joking manner saying, “I am giving Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, all these guys a chance. Otherwise…poor guys.” He took a reimbursed step to assist the H-town hunks with a chance! How funny! And we hope Cruise and Pitt be heaving a sigh of relief at this decision of Salaman and you know why!

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