What made the Salman Khan fans rabble police station?

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


Salman Khan, the recent most popular actor in the B-town!

The very last Sunday saw the enormous craze of fans for their dear superstar Salman Khan in Kanpur, who was falsely rumored of busy shooting at the local Bajariya police station for his upcoming flick ‘Dabangg 2’ and imagine what happened! Thousands of fans gathered in front of the police station to have a glimpse of their beloved actor and brought the traffic to a standstill almost for three hours.

The every passing hour saw the crowd swelling and no way did it become possible to make them convinced that no shooting was going on there and in fact and it was just a rumor. The fans were so much self-convinced on the issue that no negation on behalf of the police could make them leave the place. Matter went so serious that people started confronting the police using stones and other equipment.

Even, a local politician couldn’t escape from the impact of the fan frenzy. While passing that way in his SUV, the politician’s car was mistaken to be of Salman’s and hence when the SUV passed the area someone from the crowd screamed ‘Salman aa gaya’ thinking that Salman was travelling in it. Instantly, the crowd went wild and encircled the vehicle of the politician who at last had to ask his drivers to open the casements of the car to show people that in fact no Salman was there.

Finally, the police had to take help of some mild lathi charge to bring the halt to an end and to drive away the crowd from there. Said Javed Akhtar the station officer of Bajariya Police Station, “For almost three hours a huge crowd was gathered here. We had been requesting them to go back but no one was ready to listen to us and because of this our cops resorted to a mild lathi charge so that the crowd dispersed.”

Undoubtedly, it was an irresistible situation created there in Kanpur on Sunday owing to just a buzz about Salman; then just imagine what could have been the situation if in real the superstar would have been present there that day!

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