Saif’s to take the new avatar of a blond mobster!

On Thursday, July 19th, 2012


Saif to take a blond look in ‘Go Goa Gone’

Whilst the chhote nawab Saif Ali Khan has once more proven his romantic endowment in his latest released movie ‘Cocktail’ after wooing the two gorgeous babes f the B-town, we wonder how he will be accepted in this new avatar of his. In fact, the hunk is all set to play the character of a Russian mobster in his upcoming flick ‘Go Goa Gone’.

This upcoming comedy flick features Saif with in a blond outlook and he will be seen hunting down zombies with nauseating appearance. But what makes us suspicious, if the romantic hero will manage well to make the audience go ecstatic by flaunting this blonde stance of his!

It’s not the first time that he is trying this, before also we have seen him with the same appearance wearing a platinum blond wig and chilling out with the hot Kareena and incredibly silly-acting Akshay in ‘Tashan’. Undeniably, the experience of watching the movie inside the theatre was nothing but examining one’s patience. But, this time we hope Saif to make some marvel with his new look to get hold of the audience’s attention inside.

It’s the self confession of Saif that he is that kinda person who always leans towards intellectual humor and keeps a distance from everything that’s jesting. But his recent choices say something apart and we wonder if really he will be able to make us laugh with this blond-style approach of his! Anyways, the query will better be answered with the release of GGA.

Yet, it’s to be seen how much the audience accept him with this temperament after his bold wooing in ‘Cocktail’!

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