Saif’s marriage will be held in India, not in London.

On Wednesday, July 18th, 2012


Saif confirms to marry Karena in India.

Saif-Kareena wedding is the most awaited matrimony of the season and huge buzz was around that the marriage is going to be held in London. In fact, the news was flashed by Saif’s mother and old hand actress Sharmila Tagore to steer clear of the media prying. But the chhote nawab himself has ensured that he is going to marry Kareena in India and not in London. Being this a high profile marriage affair, the media has deep-rooted eyes on this.

In order to decide the location for marriage, the Pataudis flew to Bhopal and finally it was decided there that the nuptials will be held in India, being no date for the marriage is confirmed yet. Though, Saif’s mother Sharmila had disclosed the date earlier, but Saif and Kareena made sure that no date was really finalized for the marriage.

Talking about the marriage date, Saif said, “I have not fixed a date for the wedding yet. It is going to be a year-end wedding.” Because the royal wedding is going through lots of setbacks, we suppose the Pataudi family doesn’t expose anything about the date. Anyways, Saif made it clear that the marriage will of course be held by the end of this year and on the cogitated date.

By now it’s revealed, what will be the apparel of Kareena in the marriage. But nothing is revealed about the wedding rituals. Kareena will get clad with the 43 years old wedding outfit of her soon-to-be mother-in-law Sharmila and the marriage will be a complete private affair. It will be held only in the presence of friends and family in the Pataudi palace and a grand reception will be thrown the same day evening.

Now it’s to be seen, what rituals does the couple choose to get married in, the Hindu or the Muslim rituals! Stay in touch to get more.

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