Saif begs pardon to Natalia for false romcom with her

On Monday, July 30th, 2012


Saif Ali Khan in problem for his false romcom with Nathalia Portman.

Few days ago, we had let you known about Saif Ali Khan’s announcement that he has roped in Hollywood stralet Natalia Portman in his upcoming romantic-comedy against him. But the chhote nawab never knew, this joke would cost him so much!

To make the matter more clear, the starlet’s representative has slapped a legal notice on him, demanding an elucidation for the cause. Though the actor tried to enlighten that it was just a joke and nothing else, but the actor’s representative seems not quite contented with the clarification.

Saif clarified the matter on Saturday saying, “It was a joke. I’m sorry. I’m just annoyed with speculation on all aspects of my life. I might just start making up stories to entertain myself.” The Bollywood actor-producer herewith also confirms that there is no legal notice from the actress’ side. It’s just a buzz. Before, he was also arrested early this year mugging businessman Iqbal Sharma.

But one thing we could not understand yet, why he creates these conjectures himself and what benefit does he get out of this! Whilst, his wedding with Kareena on October 11 has been put on hold, we are yet in wonder if he has done this intentionally to grab the media eye or really some authentic cause prevails behind. However, time will be a great retort. Don’t you think so guys?

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