Saif and the Black Swan actress to romance together!

On Thursday, July 26th, 2012


Saif to romance Natalia in his upcoming movie!

It’s time for the Chhote Nawab to dive from Bollywood to Hollywood and his ‘Coktail’ co-stars Deepika, Diana must grieve on this. The next production of Saif is going to give him global recognition and he will share screen with none other than the Academy Award-winning star Natalie Portman! Natalia is an eminent actress of the H-town with the best actress award to her name the previous year and she got this award for her commendable performance in the movie Black Swan.

After casting Natalie, Saif is not only going to grasp the interest of Hollywood biggies for his production house (Illuminati Films), but will pave the way of his career path to do ‘something big’. The phrase must make you recollect something! You might evoke, a couple of weeks ago Saif had uttered his wish to go global in his field, like his cricketer father and grandfather and that time he had affirmed to do “something big”. SO, we hope he has already put his steadfast footsteps in the route by starring Natalie in his upcoming flick.

Also buzz roams around that the upcoming not-yet-titled movie is a romantic comedy and hence it divulges something apart about Saif’s viewpoint. It seems, after the success of Cocktail, the actor has started to realize that the viewers love him most in love stories rather than action flicks and hence he uses a single blueprint to rock both the industries. You might ask how? Very simple, Hollywood is always open to romcoms. So, a single love story can swing both the industries in a more apt line of attack.

But, now it’s to be seen how much Natalie who is ever seen in over-sensitive, eccentric roles, manages to romance the handsome hunk of the B-town! What you think? Will she manage well?

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