Saif Ali Khan’s Darling Daughter Sara Ali Khan posed for an International Journal

On Thursday, April 19th, 2012

amrita and her daughter posing for hello
Saif Ali khan’s darling daughter is posing with her mom Amrita Singh and no comments from her ex -husband.

Saif’s Daughter Sara is looking so beautiful on the cover, isn’t she looking damn good? Ex-couple Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s darling daughter Sara Ali Khan is in Abu Jani and

Sandeep Khosla designs, posing for an international magazine ‘Hello’.  This is her first public appearance with her mom Amrita in the picture. Her beauty reveals fully royal and yes it will because his father belongs to  lowest prices for paxil the Nawab’s Khandan. She poses this as per her blood, of course the raajsi chal dhal. Sara looks as if she has just cracked from the egg and is ready

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to scatter her essence in Bollywood. And why not! Of course she is born with talent!

News comes from the Bollywood world that filmmakers are calling Amrita to let her dearest daughter push herself into the Bollywood pool and she can start her career as a leading lady in their films. But according to Amrita, it’s too early for Sara. Amrita,

you had started your carrier so earlier! Then why not let your daughter to fit into your shoes? Amrita has answer to this question and says that Sara is just 16. She is good at academics. She even plans to go for further studies to the Yale University. So Amrita needs to give her some time. It is premature to take a call now.

Well, education is important in one’s life and if Sara is good at her academics and is a bright student then she must take time to put her step into Bollywood. Amrita wants her daughter to explore careers like law and medicine as per Sara’s interest. She also added that her daughter must focus on other career possibilities before settling for the glamour world. All these were revealed in an interview to a leading tabloid.

Where is daddy? He has no comments on this? Might he be busy with his upcoming films or planning for a grand wedding and must be busy in it meanwhile. Well, Amrita is with her kids and she will look after them and take a  right decision for them too. Good luck to the 16-year old Sara for her higher studies.

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