Rowdy Rathore: A Movie Review

On Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore Promo.

It’s a long time since the real life stunt master Khiladi Kumar has made a comeback with some really marvelous stunt sequences and his latest released movie Rowdy Rathore is already there to meet your starve. Just take a glance of the movie and what you can most aspire from it is full-fledged entertainment with an absolute blend of startling action sequences, fight dhamaka and all that dhishum dhaishaum that really makes your time inside the theatre. The movie incorporates massive stuff to make you reminiscent for some of the Salman Khan Starrer movies such as Dabang or Wanted. The vivid color, incredible sound, classy music, and dance routines give you the experience of some down-to-earth, home-based desi movies experience.

Rowdy Rathore, a Hindi remake of the Telugu smash hit “Vikramarkudu” (2006) embodies Akshay in the action genus after a lull and this is the bona fide comeback that the actor really deserves. For quite a long period, our very own Mr. Khiladi was away from his raw actions doing barely gratuitous comedy and the sporadic silence drama that undoubtedly made his fans miss his death-defying stunts and those hardcore scenes. So, it’s time to cheer up with a chiller party for our beloved hero!

The essence of Rowdy Rathore narrates the story of Shiva (Akshay Kumar), a petite burglar in Mumbai who falls in love with Priya (Sonakshi Sinha), a girl from Patna, who has come to Mumbai for attending a marriage party. Shiva manages to create love affection in Priya’s heart for him and later tells her everything about his lifestyle, profession (robbery) and even swears to renounce his misdeeds for all the times to come.


Sonakshi Sinha in Rowdy Rathore.

Before leaving the profession forever, he decides to double-cross one last person to gather a huge sum of money. However, he is put under a notorious situation when he leads to Neha to materialize his plan. Neha is a small girl, who takes Shiva to be her father. Bewildered by what’s really going on, he wants to get rid of her; but is enforced to stay with Neha as a police officer (Yashpal Sharma) keeps his eye on him. With the flow of time, Shiva falls in love with the innocent child. He tries his best to keep Neha away from Priya’s eyes, but without any result. This creates a misunderstanding between the two and the angry Priya leaves for Patna.

Shiva now goes through a forlorn condition whilst he is attacked by unknown goons, being mistaken as Vikram Singh Rathore, Neha’s actual father. He is safeguarded by many anonymous persons who help him run to safety with Neha in his arms. Soon he is encircled by the goons and it’s the time when the real Vikram Rathore (Akshay Kumar) enters the screen and saves them. But he is critically injured in the fight.

What happens next? Who is Vikram Singh Rathore? Why he is attacked? Who attacks him? Getting troubled with the array of questions? Then dive into your nearest theatre to resolve the mystery. And of course you must because ‘picture abhi baki he mere dost’!

Akshay exhibits a twofold side of his talent and skills after playing double role in the movie and more notably he caricatures both the characters of a thief, a serious cop and finally a thief-turned-cop, Rowdy Rathore in an archetypal way. His character in the movie is no way less momentous than Salman Khan’s Chulbul Pandey in Dabang and Ajay Devgan’s Bajirao Singhm in Singham. And his one liner “Don’t Angry Me” has already become the words of many. The only variation to find in Akshay’s character is his two-way appearance of the thief and the cop along with jesting humour.


Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in Rowdy Rathore

Sonakshi Sinha plays a more pleasant part this time with expansion in her character and with more dialogues and serious act.  Her character reflects an augmented side of what she had played in Dabangg and she is in the movie to spellbind Akshay with the latak jhatak moves of her chikni kamar. The climax scene of the movie replicates an uneven and daring stance of her character when she tries to panic the villain after reciting extols of her rowdy thief-turned-cop boyfriend. Overall, her character is noteworthy and worth-watching, though she has little to play in the second half of the movie.

Music in the movie plays a vital role and Pretty Sonakshi Sinha’s red sari act on the number ‘Chammak Challo Chail Chabeeli‘, makes the spectators get tip to toe with whistles and sities all around. ‘Chinta Ta Ta’ is the single out of the set and the appearance of leading actors like Vijay, Kareena Kapoor and Prabhu Dheva himself, makes the song fully convincing. Songs like ‘Dhadang Dhang Dhang’ and ‘Aa Re Pritam Pyaare’ are vigorous and full-of-passion tracks in addition. Anyways, the choreography skills of Pravu Deva bear fruits in the songs of the film and make the audience go rowdy.

Taken as a whole, Rowdy Rathore includes the whole ingredients that offer a jam-packed entertainment and proves to be a really masala entertainer for the audience. The movie is worth-surveillance with a go-getting protagonist, a good-looking heroine who gives incredible dance moves, hard-hitting and hilarious dialogues, monotonous state of affairs, loud music, broad-shouldered gangsters and a comic end. What’s more you need! So, waste not your time. Pay a visit to your nearest theatre for fultu masti and amusement this weekend.


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