RGV full of praise for little Alayna

On Thursday, September 27th, 2012


RGV is found full of praise for child actor Alayna.

Do you know the little girl Alayna? We hope you might not! But let’s make it clear that she is the six years small girl who has played a major part in Ram Gopal Verma’s upcoming flick Bhoot Returns. But you might wonder why RGV is full of praise for this little girl? Yes, there is a cause. Do you know what? This is the first time ever in RGV’s life that he has not been troubled by a kid and she is Alayna.

We say not so, RGV himself confessed the fact. Appreciating the acting genius and innate talent of Alayna, RGV recently told reporters, “Alayna is different. She is just six and the ease with which she performed before the camera had me spellbound. While rehearsing, she kept improvising on her lines, giving a perfect shot finally. I did not have to call for retakes. This is the first time I did not have a problem dealing with a kid.”

However, RGV also forgot not to mention here the very first day he had seen Alayna in the audition row. Talking about his first day meeting know-how with the small girl, RGV said that for the first time he had seen Alayna standing third in the audition line and instantly he came to know that he found her script (Bhoot Returns) character Nimmi in her. He even mentioned that her innocent face floored him and he had to cancel the audition there only, apologizing the other waiting kids. ‘Coz he had found the perfect girl for his next movie in the form of Alayna.

Well, it’s good experience for RGV and for us too, ‘coz we can better imagine how versatile the tiny girl must have been, who can induce praise from RGV like director! Hat’s up to her.  And what’s most important to mention here is that the movie is slated for  October 12 release and this is also considered as Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala’s comeback flick. So, let’s wait for October 12 and watch to what extent RGV is true to his words!

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