Why is RGV so desperate to watch Sridevi back onscreen!

On Monday, October 1st, 2012


Ram Gopal Verma so desperate to watch Sridevi back onscreen.

The once a time numero uno actress in Bollywood, Sridevi is making her big screen comeback after long twenty years with Gauri Shinde’s family drama English Vinglish and many of the Sridevi fans have desperately been waiting for the 5th  October (Friday) release to watch their beloved actress back onscreen.

Before, we had let you informed about a dead-end fan of Sridevi, Rajan Naidu who had booked an entire theatre for private screening of her upcoming movie ‘English Vinglish’. Of late, one more name has been added to the cul-de-sac fan file of Sridevi and he is none other than the B-own renowned director Ram Gopal Veram.

RGV recently declared the news in his twitter page saying “Can’t wait for Friday. For first time in 20 years, ever since I became a director, I am going to stand in a line and buy a ticket to see Sridevi.” This is what made us wonder ‘Why is RGV so desperate to watch Sridevi back onscreen’! Whatever the reason might be, but we think this is the Sridevi mania that has even made the directors and filmmakers go mad. Don’t you think so guys?

However, the actress is making a rejoinder after a long duration and that in a too versatile character. Lots of tittle-tattle s is going on about this character as it many way resembles her character in her last featured movie ‘Judaai’. In her recent movie, the actress is playing the character of a middle class housewife, who does her best to learn English for making her husband and children contented.

Storyline of the movie is too imposing and the character of Sridevi is expected to be much versatile in it. So, let’s wait and watch how much she stands to the expectations of her fans!

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