Revealed the first look of Baby Aradhya

On Thursday, September 20th, 2012


The first look of baby Aaradhya.

Remember, how much the Bachchans had tried to prevent the look of their dear baby Aradhya from the paparazzi and media! Even at some point of time we had seen the Bachchans getting all the way protective from releasing even a photograph of Aradhya in the internet. However, ten months have already passed since the birth of the baby and just now came her first look into the limelight.

It was the Tuesday night when the tiny tot was on her way to US with mum Aish to meet her father Abhishekh who is right now in Chicago busy shooting his upcoming film ‘Dhoom 3’. This was a good opportunity for the paparazzi and the whole world to lean bit close towards the baby to take a close look at her. What color revealed her outlook, she has come up with a perfect blend of genial effects from both Abhi and Aish.

However, the small child seemed bit uncomfortable with the deep rush of paparazzi, media and security personnel all around. But what fascinated us the most was the way she was clung to her mother Aish! They took a flight to New York at 2.30 am on that night and as per the sources, Aish has at first to attend an event in New York and then she will fly to Chicago to meet her hubby.

One more thing we must make you recollect here is that already one more star kid Azad (son of Aamir Khan) is there in US and it will be a good occasion for both these star kids to get introduced to each other. Don’t you think so readers?

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