Released Oh My God Official Trailer: Akshay at his comic best!

On Saturday, August 18th, 2012


Ajshay Kumar in ‘Oh My God’.

Just take a look on the official trailer of Akshay Kumar’s imminent movie, ‘Oh My God’. The new promo of this Man vs God flick will of course fill you with comic aroma from the very first appearance of the protagonist of the movie, Paresh Rawal. The trailer of this Akshay Kumar’s home production seems to have been done with a more razor-sharp initiative, following the tremendous success of his last flick ‘Rowdy Rathore’.

The movie is subjugated under the theme of conflict between man and God and Paresh Rawal with his usual comic representation makes the plot more classic. Paresh who is by nature an agnostic, runs a shop selling the pictures and idols of Hindu deities, yet believes not on their existence! Being indulged in argument with the so-called holy men of the society, somehow he becomes able to realize the existence of God when his shop collapses on a dark night cyclone.

Taking it to be the work of the God, he files a case against God and even drags the holy men to the court premises to have an open debate with them on the existence of God! Finally, enters our Khiladi Kumar into the scene who plays the character of God in the movie. This ultra-modern God comes clad with suits and even talks about Facebook updates at some point of time through the trailer. While we wonder how tactfully Akshay has handled his act, simultaneously we would appreciate his attempt on this regard. Wow Aksay; tumhara bhi jawab nehi!

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