Released ‘Jism 2’ title song; Viewers keep sputtering!

On Friday, June 29th, 2012


Randeep Hooda, Arunodaya Singh and Sunny Leon in ‘Jism 2′.

Finally, the wait came to an end and got released the most anticipated striking and hot thriller of ‘Jism 2’. Yes, we do talk of the title song of ‘Jism 2’ that got released recently to copious response from the viewers. At its initial look, the song creates the sense of a teaser and the Canadian porn star Sunny Leon moves uncensored. It generates the same hot and excruciating feel among the viewers that they might have expected from a movie like this.

The teaser illustrates porn star Sunny Leon getting ever more seductive in her look wearing sexy scanty two pieces and exposing roughly all her curves. She looks damn hot in this appearance of her and goes gaga in making love with Randeep Hooda. The cast appearance of Arunoday Singh adds more salt into the song making the viewers imagine more. The poster and song clearly make it think, what the movie is all about!

Sunny Leon is playing the role of a porn star in the movie who has been employed by police to become a sexy trap for the executioner and Sunny takes complete pleasure in playing the role as she considers it has a bond with her real life too. The movie ‘Jism 2′ is all set  to release on August 3 and the teaser of course will make the spectators irresistible to wait more!

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