Rani Mukerji says no to her shopping plans in Lucknow?

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Rani Mukherjee call off her shopping plan.

The Ayaa actress had been to Lucknow on a visit the previous day with lots of plans. But, Alas! She had to call off all her line up of shopping and visiting to a restaurant. But why! What made the actress take such decision? We would like to inform you that it was only because of the security concerns. In fact, the Lucknow police did not permit her for the same.

As per the reports, the actress at the initial part of her journey to the city was horded by college students at a college and hence had to spend some time there interacting with them. Soon she was on plan to visit the nearest malls to purchase chikan clothes and to have some Tundey kabas and biriyani. But, the actress was not allowed by the city administration for the same and finally had to cancel her plans.

Giving a brief info on the issue, one of the sources close to the actress revealed, “Rani wanted to go out for shopping for chikan clothes and also wanted to go to Tundeys and eat kababs and biryani there but since the city administration refused to give her permission, citing security reasons, Rani had to shelve her plans and remain hotel bound. “

However! Though the city administration did protest Rani from going to the mall, but couldn’t stop her from filling her intense desire to eat Kababs. Actually, the babe ordered kabab and diriyani from Tundeys to her residing hotel and filled her thirst. She spent the night in the hotel under strict security and left for Mumbai the next morning with a promise to visit the place again.

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