Randeep Hooda Replaces Imran Hasmi in Murder 3!

On Thursday, May 10th, 2012


Randeep to replace Imran Hasmi in 'Murder 3'!

Randeep Hooda in place of Imran Hasmi in “Murder 3”! Shocked? Of course you must be. Because, how can it be that director-producer Mahesh Bhatt can take such a rubbish decision! It seems to be a pun thrown at the Serial Kisser by his favorite director and I guess you are no way out to rebuff my lexis. And the director even demands that he has valid reasons why he took such a decision! Dear readers; will you please tell me can any reason be worthy to stand by such a worthless decision? But to ask of me, I can no way imagine Murder 3 devoid of Imran.  

Those who might have seen Murder, the most claimed erotic thriller movie of 2004, can no way envisage any one swapping Imran in its sequels. Though Mahesh had nominated Imran to lead the first sequel of Murder, but his intentions seems to have taken a turn in the second. Soon Murder 3 is to go on floor and Mahesh has decided to take Randeep in the lead of this movie instead of Imran.

Being asked about the cause, he harangued that he wants not to keep the movie constrained in ‘Imran’s mass base’, rather wants to take the franchise to a more ‘upmarket lavel’ after tempting a ‘multiplex audience’. Can anyone opine like this after seeing the TRPs, the two ‘Murders’ had grasped in the BO! It seems, perhaps Mahesh is out of his mind and has lost the power to adjudge! After giving such an opinion, undoubtedly he has insulted Imran.

Of course, Randeep Hooda has fascinated us with his genius act in his two consecutive hits “Sahib Biwi and Gangster” and “Janat 2”. But question arises; still can he replace Imran Hasmi? And to say more frankly, Mahesh Bhatt himself has banged the twitter page after highly appreciating Imran for his massive act in his upcoming next “Raaz 3’, which is still in progress with Imran on the lead. Also has affirmed that Imran is a star where as Randeep in still “Evolving”! Then why this change of mind now? Perhaps, Mr. Bhatt wants an evolver, not a star for his upcoming Murder sequel.

Whatever may be the cause, but the truth is that Mr. Bhatt has insulted both the stars after giving such reckless opinion, in one way divorcing Imran from Murder 3 and in the other, degrading the standard of Randeep from Imran! And honestly “Murder “3 without Imran is like curry without salt for me. And what for you friends?

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