Randeep Hooda to Play a Gigolo in his Upcoming Movie!

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

randeep hooda

Randeep Hooda to play the role of a gigolo!

Randeep Hooda, the handsome hunk and Janat 2 sensation is primed to come out in a new-fangled Avatar in Satish Kausik’s upcoming next “Mayanagri” and do you know what? The Avatar of a gigolo! Hard to believe? But, yet a truth. The fact is evident from the director of the film Satish Kausik who is still in tumult for his 2003 biggest hit “Tere Naam”. Who can ever forget the directive talent Mr. Kausik had shown in the movie!

Some sort of such endowment is going to be seen in Satish Kausik’d next probable blockbuster “Mayanagri” which going to be a blend of perfection with perfect script, perfect actors and perfect hallucination. We say not that, Mr. Kausik himself owns up!

“Yes, my next movie is titled ‘Mayanagri’ and it is a gritty, shocking and a real drama of two men who dare to dream big in Mumbai. The story is set in the mid eighties. For me, Mayanagri is the integral character because it’s her story. The story of India’s dreamland – Mumbai” told Mr. Kausik recently.

That’s all nice. But what of Randeep playing the role of a gigolo in the movie? What you think friends; would not have Hooda thought of once even before deciding to play the role of a male escort? Yet, nothing to bother! By the way, he has everything perfect (like height and six pack abs) to play the role of a high class gigolo. And this is another flair of his act that we have already seen in “Saheb Biwi Aur Gangstar”. Do not you think he is well known how to butter up and seduce his women?

And what to tell of Mahie Gill! The sexy babe is playing the love interest of Randeep in ‘Mayanagri’ and you must know a lot more of her. She just rocks with her sexy appeal and we will be rampant to see another Randeep – Mahie romantic come back on screen.

Revealing confirmation about the Randeep- Mahie jodi Mr. Kausik says, “”Randeep Hooda is signed to play the Gigolo in ‘Mayanagri’ and his love interest in the movie is played by Mahie Gill. Together they are explosive on screen and we have seen that in the past.” Also he adds that Mayanagri is his dream project and he has never worked hard for any movie as he has done for this movie.

Mayanagri is a story of two men from small towns who try to assume their fate in Mumbai. But the flow of time makes one a gangster and the other becomes a gigolo. Though Hooda is about to play the role of the gigolo, but hunt for the gangster is still on. So only to wait and watch, who is going to be a worthy antagonist of Randeep.

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