What makes Ranbir walk out of Abhinav Kashyap’s next?

On Monday, September 3rd, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor walks out of ‘Besharam’!

Recent reports convey that the ‘Rockstar’ actor Ranbir Kapoor has bid adieu to Abhinav Kashyap’s upcoming next! But why? What fall out between the two that the superstar walked out of the project? What we know it’s a commercial issue. I mean, the hunk was not at all satisfied with the amount that Abhinav offered him for his directorial next. Hence, RK thought it better to say albida to the movie.

Says a source, “Abhinav was to negotiate Ranbir’s fees with the producers, but he went back to Ranbir with a price that is one-third of what the actor commands. This upset his father Rishi Kapoor, who refused to agree on those terms.”

The directorial debut of Abhinav starring the B-town numero uno dream man Salman Khan proved to be a box office hit and the director was on some same hope from his directorial next ‘Besharam’ too. But the two major setbacks that he faced left him damn hearthole and even we are in news that he is planning to shelve the project! Prior to Ranbir, Viacom 18 (would be producer of the flick) decided  not to hold the project on at the last moments and that is also considered another reason of Junior RK leaving the project.

“One of the reasons Ranbir walked out is because Viacom 18 had pulled out, after which, there wasn’t much happening on the film. Yes, Abhinav tried taking the project to many other producers. However, with Ranbir’s busy schedule and too many film offers, the actor didn’t want to further block his dates for a project that isn’t even taking off,” revealed an inner source.

These days Ranbir, being one of the most demanded actors of the B-town and having an array of projects in hand demands a bulky sum, not less than Rs. 15 crore per flick with a certain percentage of its gross profit and in such endeavors how could he agree with this least amount? Don’t you think so guys?

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