What made Ranbir quit smoking: Barfi or Anurag Basu’s bet?

On Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor quits smoking!

There is fantastic news for all Ranbir Kapoor fans that the hunk has kicked the butt! Don’t you believe it? But it’s a truth.  We are not saying so. The news is very true. An unusual bet between the actor and director Anurag Basu and the success of Barfi has impelled RK take such decision. In fact, you can say that Ranbir has stood up to his promise and has given one more example of his marvelous sporty sense.

As reveal the sources, Ranbir by nature was a chain smoker and was addicted to smoking sticks! Though you will find him endorsing against smoking in the intervals of his latest released movie Barfi, but in real life the actor could never discard the bad habit. Even he had some sort of controversy with the officials this year during the shooting Ye Jawani Hai Diwani for smoking in public places.

Finally, he had taken a challenge with director Anurag Basu at the shooting sets of Barfi to quit smoking for ever, if his latest release crossed the 70 crore mak in the box office. As reveal the sources, “While shooting the film, Anurag would tell Ranbir about the ill effects of smoking and advise him to quit. He was never preachy. However, one day they made a very unusual bet. Ranbir challenged Basu that if the film crosses Rs 70 crore, he would give up smoking.”

Well, this was a good bit of opportunity for Ranbir to make the best of his challenge and he did it too. On Monday, when the film crossed the 75 crore mark, Anurag got a text massage from Ranbir mentioning that he (Ranbir) has quit smoking forever!  Wow! What more can you expect from a public figure! This is what called commitment. Anurag even had not recollected Ranbir about his promise and he did it himself recalling the same!

Of late, we have seen the most promising part of Ranbir’s career in his latest released movie Barfi and we hope such commitment and dedication will take him to the eve of success both in his personal and professional life. Congratulations Ranbir!

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