Ranbir Kapoor is not out of Abhinav Kashyap’s ‘Besharam’!

On Friday, September 7th, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor still in Abhinav Kashyap’s upcoming project!

Few days ago, we had let you informed that the B-town hunk Ranbir Kapoor has opted out of Abhinav Kashyap’s upcoming project Besharam following some certain reasons. Reoprts revealed that the actor went out of the project for two source reasons. One was Viacom 18’s decision not produce the film and second was related to some monetary conflicts concerning the payment of Ranbir. But, surprisingly Ranbir has overawed this news saying that he is not out of Kashyap’s film and he is yet a part of the project!

Ranbir put a check to this controversy during the shoot of some promotional sequences of his forthcoming flick Barfi at the sets of Zee TV. Answering a question about the roaming buzz, Ranbir said, “Besharam is Abhinav Kashyap’s film and I have not left it. These are just rumours. There are certain problems regarding the producer, but as of now, I am a part of the film. If the director does not want (me), then it’s different. But as far as I know, I am doing the film.”

During the promotional shoot of his upcoming film at the Zee TV sets, by script Ranbir had to flirt the three reputed Bahus of teh channel Rati Pandey ( Hitler Didi), Kratika Sengar (Punar Vivaah) and Gulki Joshi (Phir Subah Hogi). But the matter seemed too tough for Ranbir to flirt them as he is by nature too shy and he openly confessed it too.

Talking about his shy nature he said, “The world thinks I am a big flirt. So wherever I go, they make me flirt with the girls. It’s tough because I am a shy kind of person. But the script was good and they were making a promo where I had to flirt with the three bahus. All were good and it was fun.”

Whatever, but Ranbir’s confession to have yet attached to ‘Besharam’ must have given some peace of mind to Mr. Kashyap if he might have least doubted on Ranbir having followed the media buzz, we think! Don’t you think so guys?

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