Ranbir Kapoor rocks at IFFA; Imitates the Kapoor ‘Khandan’!

On Saturday, June 9th, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor imitates the Kapoor Khandan at IFFA!

The Rockstar actor gave another proof of his live rock concert at IIFA, while he imitated the Kapoor Khandan including his father Rishi Kapoor, grandfather Raj Kapoor and cousin sis Kreena. What a scene! Really amazing!

The drama started, when hosts Ayushmann Khurana and Chitrangada Singh, asked Ranbir to imitate his family members. To everyone’s surprise, the actor no way hesitated, neither felt shy to perform the act before all even though his dad was front benched. He took it sporty and told, “Tum log muzhe pitwaoge (I’ll be bashed for this),” responding the demand.

Ranbir imitated his great grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor by repeating one of his popular dialogues from film Mughal-e-Azam, “Salim! Anarkali ko deewar mein chunwa do”. He also sang a song from his grandfather Raj Kapoor’s film “Kiski muskurahato pe ho…” and danced like his cheery and vigorous dad Rishi Kapoor on “Paisa yeh paisa”.

But, the audience burst into laughter when Ranbir when he imitated cousin Kareena on the song “Bebo main bebo”. Really, the scene was notable to be watched!

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