Ranbir confesses to have quit smoking

On Monday, October 1st, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor self confesses to have quit smoking.

Though, earlier we had let you informed that the Kapoor lad Ranbir Kapoor has kicked the butt forever, but we had not got a direct confirmation from him. But, at hand the hunk himself confessed it saying that no way is the statement false and you can burn him, kill him or call him fake if ever catch him smoking red handed!

But he makes a slight change in his statement saying that he had taken a bet with his dear mom to quit smoking if Barfi became a hit in the box office. But prior, we had been informed that he had taken the bet with director Anurag Basu. But matter went somehow different. Well, we know he is the ladla of his mom and hence can never intimidate a condition with her.

Apart, Ranbir also stated that he is fond of playing football and because of his smoking hobby, for some days he feels to have lost stamina. “I play football and because of smoking, my stamina has gone down. My friends tell me that smoking also lowers your mojo,” says the 30-year-old actor. And this also is another cause why Junior RK decided to quit smoking, wethinks.

However, answering a question that if he had ever known as a child to get into films, Ranbir said he never knew so. He chose to become an actor only to get rid of study and that took him to a film school in America, where he realized the essence of acting. But, conversing about his school career, he says that he was just a mediocre student and always remained within fifty percent in the score card. Simultaneously, he declared that he was too good in Maths and English Literature and specially liked Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Not bad! Then he was a follower of Shakespeare and how can it be that someone loving Shakespeare so much can choose any other career option! After all, he (Shakespeare) is the greatest dramatist around the globe ever and being his follower, Ranbir of course is expected to be a world-famed actor! What say guys?

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