What was Ranbir doing at Katrina’s place post midnight!

On Friday, September 14th, 2012


Ranbir Kapoor at Katrina’s place at around 12.47 am yesternight.

If we are not wrong, then just few days ago we had let you known about the sexy lass Katrina who was leaving Ranbir Kapoor’s family villa Krishna Raj post midnight. When asked, Kat simply overawed the matter saying that she is very single and we did have to say nothing on that. But we couldn’t assimilate the tittle-tattle of Junior RK leaving Kat’s bungalow the last night at around the same time. But we found the hearsay true when peeped into the depth of the issue!

Don’t believe us? Then just have a look over the pics. What can be a better prove for our saying than this? In fact, post 12 am yester night Ranbir was spotted at the older apartment of Kat in Bandra. Clad in light blue jeans, bright blue shirt and a red cap worn back, the hunk was seen leaving Kat’s bungalow in his luxurious Audi. Soon the paparazzi took the occasion and captured some of the pics of the Barfi actor as evidence. But reportedly, Ranbir was quite calm and quiet devoid of any angry gaze at the photographers or any complain. Seemed he was completely out of all rumors concerning his affair with Kat.

However, without any look at the photographers he went inside his car and went busy in a few minutes with something that seemed like the controller of a gaming machine. Soon he left the place. But we are still in wonder, what exactly the actor was doing at his rumored girl friend’s house post 12 am? Is not it like that you say something and do something? We can’t understand, if the duo identifies themselves just as good friends, then what are they doing at each other’s place post midnight? Do you have any answer guys?

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