Item Girl Rakhi to Lead the Bengali Dirty Picture Remake

On Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant to perform her dirtiest part in the Bengali Dirty Picture Remake

Hello Rakhi’s fans? Fantastic news for you all. Recent reports convey that item girl Rakhi Sawant is all way primed to play Silk Smitha in the Bengali Remake of The Dirty Picture and has intended to turn into dirty girl. The film is about to get produced by Tapas Paul and is to be directed by Shatabdi Roy.

The charming girl Rakhi is all excited about this Ohh la la appearance of her and even scares not to speak it aloud. As per Rakhi’s terms, Vidya Balan has done nothing in The Dirty Picture and she is to perform better and hotter in this remake version. She is about to make Vidya surprised with her character. According to her, the Sari must be taken off in films and not to be worn as this makes the film a hit and not the stars.

While conversing to a leading daily, Rakhi Opined, “Vidya has played a character representing our community (the item girls) and when an original item girl gets to play the role, it ought to look real and jaw dropping. I will definitely beat Vidya on this. I am pretty excited to do bold scenes, bed scenes and the movie will also have long smooches ever. Main sabse zyaada kam kapde pehenungi.” Ha ha ha…. Kya baat he doston! Fantastic or not?

The makers of this Bengali Remake came across Rakhi with a proposal of this leading role as they were much overwhelmed after seeing her item number in  the Bengali film “Om Shanti”. Just imagine what she must have done in it! Search of the male lead against Rakhi is still on progress. As per the words of the Producer, “Since The Dirty Picture can’t be completely remade, we have decided to make the Bengali version more like a sequel”.

Rakhi Sawant dives on her eve of happiness with a simple thought of this role. Let’s see to what extent she becomes able to seduce her fans with her inhibitions, clothes and sexy physic on the screen. But one thing is clear; the Marathi Mugli will of course show her dirtiest outlook to her appraisers in the remake and will try to lead Vidya.

Common Rakhi, how success can run from you? Rather success runs behind spicy items like you. Congratulations in advance!

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