Rakhi Sawant to be a part of the Indian Independence Day Parade in New York!

On Saturday, August 18th, 2012


Rakhi Sawant to attend the Indian Independence Day event in New York!

Rakhi Sawant and controversy are like the two side of a single coin! One seems worthless lacking the other. Hardly can we recollect her adorning the media page for a gentle purpose ever. But yes, we can guarantee that she is always there wherever there is controversy. However, the B-own babe has finally managed to make a place for her on the media page for some moderate cause.

In fact, the hot gal is all set to fly to New York, neither for making any item number in any B-town producer’s movie nor to act in any Hollywood project, but to be a part of the Independence Day parade to be held in New York tomorrow.

Indian Independence Day is celebrated globally to mark its cultural inheritance and rich heritage every year. And this year the 66th Independence Day of India is celebrated with much pomp and ceremony in New York tomorrow and it would be the biggest event outside India celebrating the cause. Every year, many B-town celebs embellish the parade ground with their virtual appearance and this year the Indian B-town babe Rakhi Sawant is about to represent the Indian film fraternity there.

Whilst, this is a great cause for Rakhi to get overwhelmed, the sexy gal expresses her pleasure saying, “Surely, this Independence Day celebration would be something very different and I feel proud to be part of the ceremony being organized in New York by the Indian community. It’s an honour that they have showed their love for me by inviting me for the celebrations.”

Besides, it will be a great occasion for her not only to match feet with others wearing a self designed tricolor Sari and holding a tricolor flag in hand, rather to deliver a speech in favor of the freedom fighters there. She confirms the news saying, “I always speak from my heart. I will speak extempore there. Definitely I will talk about our freedom fighters, their struggle against colonial rule and atrocities of British.”

Yes, she is absolutely right with her proclamation that she says everything from heart. But, yet it’s to get confirmed if she says everything in the parade ground from the core of her heart or somewhere makes use of her mind too! Wink, wink!

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