Raaz 3: A movie review

On Friday, September 7th, 2012


‘Raaz 3′ promo poster.

Whenever wallops the idea of horror into our psyche united with movies, we make it a trap for the ace horror maestro Vikram Bhatt, who has created an extra space for him in the B-town for his realm of horror and he is the man to introduce horror in 3D in the Hindi film industry. That’s what makes him apart from other B-town horror filmmakers and his recently released horror flick ‘Raaz 3’is a bright instance of this. The just two films old 3D flick is amiably well- garnered and what we expect, it’s also going to create huge romcom in the industry like his previous two 3D horror flicks  ‘Haunted 3D’ and ‘Dangerous Ishq’.  And if you considered ‘Raaz 3’ from 3D point of view, then it’s simply awe-inspiring.

Vikram Bhatt has tried his best to catch the right cord in the movie in the form of Bipasha who not only steals the show, but overshadows the inclination of the two other stars Emraan Hasmi and Esha Gupta in the movie. Bips with a beguilingly striking character Shanaya Shekhar has pressed the right cord to touch the eve of delicacy. A way back to the original 2002 ‘Raaz’ and you will be well endowed with differences fragile enough to make you guess how better the babe has grown in her relentless act-pacts! With her malevolence aptitude in the movie, Bips of course makes you sweat in or out the theater and might her shrill cries or blood shedding eye enforce you make her a part of your fuming nightmares! Seems, the babe has clandestinely enfolded many tacit raaz in her eyes. Simply awesome….!


Bipasha Basu in ‘Raaz 3′.

Shanaya Shekhar, an obstinate, spoilt and devious lady is the reigning actress in B-own. Being on the tough, she encompasses the absolute attention of all filmmakers and directors to get roped in their movies. But, starts the ruin of her career with the entry of Sanjana Krishna (Esha Gupta), a new yet talented actress who grabs the whole limelight and time comes when Shanaya is only offered with the movies that are cast off by Sanjana. This makes Shanaya gravel in envy and she at last decides to make life of Sanjana a living hell with the help of black magic. For this she coaxes a reluctant Aditya Arora (Emraan Hasmi) to help her materialize her plan and there starts the story of ‘Raaz 3’. Visit your nearest theatre today to discover the hidden mystery behind your ogle before envisaging how Sanjana’s life turns into a living hell!

If deemed from acting point of view, we assure you that you will be blessed with a terrific cast act in the movie. We have told you a lot about the Bengali Bombshell and for sure her role is promising. Not only promising, but she outdoes the trio in terms of refined act. And Emraan Hasmi, the budding star of the industry who created a very special place in the heart of all his appraisers with his terrific act as Joginder Parmar in ‘Shanghai’, has managed well to stand up to our expectations with his act as a Director in catch-22 as well! And Esha Gupta, just a film old in the industry has polished her acting notes to many extents. Though at times she is overshadowed by the two other lead actors, yet she can improve a lot with little guidance. But, while on stage with the character of the coy, shy, love lorn Sanjana, she is so diligent and lovely in her act. And if compared to her first act in ‘Jannat 2’, Esha is way better than what she did there.


Esha Gupta in ‘Raaz 3′.

Throwing light on the script, we can say you that first half of the movie is temperate enough to keep you intact to your seat and the horror sequences are rightly placed to make you horrified. But you will lack the essence, when will search to detect how better Shanaya feels her position dear so that she turns into fury when Sanjana outshines her.  And Sanjana though an orphan but having no one else Aditya to assist her at times of her need. You shall find the movie moving towards futility in the second half. And overall, there is nothing much in a movie to scare a person who hardly gets scared. The film somewhere seems missing something that’s called horror in real terms. Might it be so that the movie grabs attention for using plenty 3D technology, but of course lacks the meat called horror.

But, by and large the movie is awe-inspiring and you will not feel your invested money down after watching the dreadful act of Bipasha. So get haste and watch it today!

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