Raaz 3: A classic blend of style, horror and passion

On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


‘Raaz 3′ promo poster starring Bipasha, Emraan and Esha Gupta.

Just have a look below on the promo of the upcoming Bhatt production ‘Raaz 3’ and you will know why we say it a classic blend of horror, passion and style! We had gained an equal impression about the movie after having a first glance of its promo poster and now the promo has given more merge to our thoughts.

Starting from the very first appearance of Bipasha’s ominous character to the very end, the promo passes a thrill in your mind and paves the way for you to wonder on the extinct idea that you must have elapsed within the long interval, after watching the 1999 Bollywood horror ‘RAAZ’.  The promo grabs your attention instantly as Bipasha’s sinister character comes out of intense gloom and says in a guttural voice, “Ek raaz tumhare dil main hain. Ek raaz mere andar bhi…” (Your heart holds a secret. I too know a secret).

What follows next impels you opine ‘What a fantastic visual’!  Throughout the promo, you will get a glimpse on the story factor of the movie that lets you know about one-upmanship, where a film director (Emraan Hashmi) is frayed between two superstars (Bipasha and Esha Gupta).  It shows how Bipasha (who in fact plays a sex-doll for Emraan) takes help of black magic to destroy Esha who seems to play the love interest of Emraaan and the arch rival of the Bengali bombshell and henceforth is Hashmi’s persistent endeavor to save Esha’s soul from evil.

Though the story factor seems bit conventional, yet we believe the eminent director Mr. Bhatt will be much nimble-fingered to bring it into limelight using his bizarre directorial skills. So, just have a look on the promos and say to what extent we are accurate in our verdict!

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