Priyanka and Ranbir to sing live!

On Monday, July 30th, 2012


Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kpoor to make a live concert soon.

It‘s first time ever, the two B-town superstars Priynka Chopra and Ranbir Kpoor will be found making a live concert together and that’s up to for their upcoming movie Barfi, at the last part of the following month. Priyanka has always an ardor for singing and this will be a great occasion for the babe to pass on her flair before a huge crowd.

Because of her flair in singing, piggy chops is soon going to release an international album in music and the album is supposed to come into the market within a few days. The only movie, the actress had chanted a few lines in was Bluffmaster and never after the audience have heard her giving her voice again. However, PeeCee has given her consent to hymn the songs of her upcoming ‘Barfi’ in front of a live audience and of course it will be a brand new experience for her to sing with Ranbir.

Confirming about the news, a source told to TOI, “Anurag had a chat with PeeCee and asked her if she was comfortable singing in front of a live audience, the songs of his film. The actress gave it a thought and a few days later, told him she is ready to do it. A similar request was sent to Ranbir and being the sport he is, he too gave his nod to the idea.”

But, director Anurag Basu did not take it an apt idea to let the duo stars perform in front of a live audience without the presence of anyone veteran in music. Hence, he appealed music director Pritam to present there during the concert.

Added the source further, “Anurag told Pritam it would be great if he could keep aside a day from his busy schedule to accompany the actors and give the music for their live performance. The show is scheduled for end August and will be held in various cities. Pritam took a long look at his calendar and immediately agreed.”

Then indeed it will be great juncture for the audience present in the concert that day, seeing their heartthrobs performing together and that on a single platform! Don’t you think it so?

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