Priety Zinta supports Vidya Balan for flaunting her curves.

On Friday, June 22nd, 2012


Priety Zinta fully supports Vidya on flaunting curves.

Priety Zinta has always been one of the most chulbuli actresses in the industry and hence occupies a special place in the heat of the Bollywood lovers. The beautiful actress, who is geared up to initiate another innings in the industry after a short break, is full of praise for the renowned dirty girl of the industry, Vidya Balan. While answering a question related to size zero in an event, she supported  the sizzling Vidya and told whether to choose curves or size zero is a matter of personal choice.

In this regard, she supported the beautiful Vidya telling, “I think she (Vidya Balan) is a fabulous actress. What’s wrong with her? There is always a rule – it takes one to lead and rest to follow. The choice you have to make is whether you are a leader or a follower.” She told this at the launch of diet expert Pooja Makhija’s book “Eat Delete”.

“If there is one size zero and if 10 people want to become size zero, it’s a different thing. If one is a size 12 or 10, and people want to be size 10, it’s a different thing,” she further added.

Relating Vidya to this matter she told, “I think Vidya Balan is beautiful, she is gorgeous and she is a fabulous actor.” Vidya who is always too much happy with her figure was recently seen flaunting her flabs in “The Dirt Picture” and even with much acceptance by the audience. It made her a star overnight.

Talking about the obsession that people with size zero face, she said, ““For normal people, it is very unfair to keep saying ‘size zero is beautiful’. Being overweight is not good because it is bad for your health. (But) there is no such thing that this is the only size.” “I feel really bad for the normal people because their pressure is – ‘If you eat this diet, you will look like her’, which is really wrong, you can’t look like anyone else,” added the 37 year old actress.

Priety, who had kept herself away from the professional innings for pretty sometime, makes a solid comeback as a producer this September with her home production, “Ishkq in Paris”. Apart, she is said to have bagged two more films even and hence we will never forget to say “All the best Priety”!

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