What is the secret behind Rani’s press meet venue?

On Friday, September 28th, 2012


Rani Mukherji chooses two special venues for her press-meet!

All of you know that Bollywood glamour diva Rani Mukerji is all set for her upcoming flick Aiyyaa. Whilst, the movie is already slated for 12 October release, we found Rani busy promoting her forthcoming flick after arranging constant press meets. But what surprises us the most is the venue of the press meets. ‘Coz Rani constantly arranges the meets either in her home in Juhu or Aditya Chopra’s studio in Andheri. That only makes us wonder what is special with these two venues!

But going through the depth of the issue, we realized that there is really something special in the venues. One is of course special being Rani’s home and the other is her so-called beau’s studio.  Reveals a close source, though Adi has not produced her upcoming flick, yet has given her full consent to keep the media amused there. And Rani too is fully at ease there and the staff always stands to her attention. However, though Rani is all the way free to make use of Adi’s studio the way she wants, but she never boasts that she is the real Rani in the premises.

Well, whatever might be the cause, but there is no doubt that Rani is adding fuel to her Adi connection. Don’t you think so guys?

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