Preity Zinta shared her bed. But with whom!

On Thursday, August 23rd, 2012


Priety Zinta shared bed with her Niece.

Got chuckled with such remark of ours? You must be. ‘Coz the news must have gaped your eyes wide open! But, there is nothing such that your naughty mind might imagine. In fact, we are talking of the 7-year-old sweet little niece of dear Priety, who she found fully worthy to play the counterpart of her li’l self. With this, the hysterical search of Priety for her li’l part in her upcoming movie ‘Ishkq In Paris’ has come to an end.

However, we are talking about PZ sharing bed with someone and it’s none other than her darling niece. Priety herself confirmed the issue by posting in her twitter page. “Waking up with my 7 year old niece & indulging in pillow talk is both relaxing & entertaining….Mmmm! Simple pleasures of life :-) Ting!,” twitted the actress.

But these pillow conversations of Priety didn’t last long as she had to get separated from her beloved cousin. Priety expressed her anguish on the searation and hence went furher in her twitter page posting, “Today is a bit of an emotional day. My 8 year old niece & my younger bro are on their way back to the US! 2 months have flown by so fast!

Ohh no! We think really PZ has lost something big to laement upon. Don’t you feel so? After all, she lost her darling bed partner and who will fill the vacancy now? Dso you have any answer guys?

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