I was quite comfortable shooting for the bold scenes: Poonam Pandey

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

poonam pandey

Poonam Pandey enjoys shooting bold scenes for ‘Nasha’.

B-town sexy siren Poonam Pandey has many a times before  raised your eyebrows with her bold, hot avatars and it’s no wonder to say that the babe is going to be all the more hotter in her upcoming,  yet first Bollywood flick ‘Nasha’. While shooting of the movie has merely started from November 5 on wards, reportedly Poonam is getting too comfy to give hot poses for the movie!

Talking to the reporters of a leading news daily, Poonam recently revealed the fact and said that being a hot gal she is too comfortable giving hot scenes. “I am a bold person, so I was quite comfortable shooting for the bold scenes. In fact, I enjoyed shooting for the bold scenes. I am here to entertain the audience and I am doing my job,” she said explaining her boldness…err…dedication for work. Yap! We, hope you understand.

Reporting about the first day shooting experience of the movie, Poonam said that they started shooting at Mahabaleswar on November 5 and the weather was too co-operative, though cold. According to her, shots were being taken in both inside and outside the rooms. And as you all know, the movie is being directed by the ‘Jism’ fame director Amit Saxena.

Before, we had let you informed about the huge romcom that went around the B-town concerning the look of the movie’s  first poster. Informing about the shoot for the initial poster of the movie, Poonam said, “I know everybody loved the first look, but trust me it was not easy shooting for that. I had to pose for each and every alphabet to make it look authentic and it was not easy. It was difficult but I am glad everybody loved it.”

Hmm! Of course, the poster was liked by all and how won’t be? After all, Poonam as a huge fan base across the country and you know how much they love to se Poonam…. striping! Said right na?

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